Website Support

Having issues with the site?

The website is still under construction. some content might take longer to load, in that case be sure to refresh the page or come back later. If you encounter visuals issues be sure to contact use.

Where are the C4D project files?
The C4D project Files library are coming soon, they’ll be available under the Community tab.

Customer Support

Where is my cart?
The cart will be visible in the top menu as soon as you add a product to it.
What happened to the products I purchased on the previous site?

All purchases made from 2017 to mid 2022 have been processed through our Gumroad storefront. We have now integrated our own eCommerce store on this site to gather everything under one roof. However, all products will be stored and updated on Gumroad as well. So you’ll be able to access all your purchases and downloads as usual.

Can I transfer my purchases from Gumroad to my profile on the TFMSTYLE site?
As of right now, we have postponed the transfers of products between Gumroad and the TFMSTYLE Store. You’ll get notified in the future when this option will be available.
Need custom licenses for a company or studio with multiple members?

By default, all purchases comes with a single user license. Contact us for a custom studio license to cover your team members, we’ll create an offer through Gumroad.

Is there a recurring fee on the products?

All the individual product Packs found under the Products for 3D designers comes with a 1 time payments, no recurring fees! Our only recurring payment product is the TFMSTYLE Bridge Addons 

How can I access my downloads?

To access your downloads (for purchases made on the new site) you can either check your emails for the download links you received after your purchase or, log in Your Account and you’ll find all previous purchase links under the ”Purchase History” tab.

For purchase made through Gumroad, you can check your Gumroad library and access your downloads from there.

Can't find some products that were available years ago?
Some products have been discontinued through the years, our goal has always been to provide the best we can. If some products are no longer available it just means that they were not meeting our standards anymore.
What about refunds?

All our digital products have a no refund policy, however you can contact us if you have a specific issue, we’ll do our best to assist you.

Product Support

How to Install products in the new Asset Browser? (Cinema4D version 24-25-26 and above)

We have created a Bridge for the new asset browser of Cinema 4D that implements all our C4D tools and 3D Assets. The TFMSTYLE bridge is free to download and can be found here as well as a video tutorial on how to install it.

How to Install products in the old Content Browser? (Cinema4D version 23 and below)

We provide instructions in the products .zip files on how to install our C4D tools on the older content browser of Cinema 4D. However, the only products still compatible with the older versions of cinema 4D are:

Why does the .zip file doesn't work?
All our download files comes as archives .zip files. if you encounter any issues be sure to update your winrar or winzip archiver for windows or mac. You can update your version for free here
Can I use it Commercially?

Yes, all our products can be used commercially.

Can I create an NFT or a print with it?

Yes, you can use our products, tools, assets and project files to create and sell your artwork, whether it is Digital (nft) or physical (prints)

Bridge Support

Is the TFMSTLE Bridge and the TFMSTYLE Bridge Addons the same thing?
No, The TFMSTYLE Bridge is a free download including the necessary C4D database information to connect our products to the asset browser of Cinema 4D.

The TFMSTYLE Bridge Addons is a subscription plan including exclusive content (assets and tools) to be added in the TFMSTYLE Bridge database catalogue.
What products needs the TFMSTYLE Bridge?
Here is a list of the Products needing the new TFMSTYLE Bridge to work with Cinema 4D new asset browser:

– Our Cinema 4D Tools.
  • NoiseScape
  • MoFractal
  • Quartz FM

– Our 3D Asset Kits
  • Switch Asset Kit
  • Missile Asset Kit
  • Crystal Asset Kit
What is available in the Addons Subscription?
All the content available in the Bridge Addons can be seen here. You can also see what’s coming soon.

The Bridge Addons subscription will also be including some tutorials and video form content in the near future. More info will be released soon.
How do I cancel my subscription?
If paid using paypal: You will need to refer to your paypal recurring payments page and cancel it from there.

If paid using credit card: You will have an option in your account to simply cancel your subscription.