Quartz FM

Cinema4D Plugin for Procedural Quartz creation


Quartz FM was created to procedurally make crystal quartz. Τhis plugin offers a variety of controls, choose how many faces you want and modify it easily. You can also add impurities and more! All modifications are slider based.

  • Quartz FM v.1.2 build with Presets Collection.
  • Scene Builder Tools to create Clusters.
  • This product comes as a Cinema4D library.


  • Compatible with all Cinema 4D version (S26 included using the TFMSTYLE Bridge)
  • Cinema 4D native tool, works with all render engines.
  • Check the FAQ section for more informations.
Presets Available in the C4D content browser.

Watch the Quartz FM tutorial

Product Use case

Quartz FM UI in Cinema 4D

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