Here are the C4D Bridge Addons libraries included.
These libraries work with Cinema 4D 24-25-26 versions.

C4D Tools

Light Rig Pack

The Light rig for Cinema 4D is a tool to light your scene more efficiently.
Easy and quick positioning, scaling and loopable animations.

3D Assets

Everyday Asset Pack

A must have... Over 300+ models and objects!
TFMSTYLE Bridge extension for Cinema4D, drag and drop assets directly
from your asset browser.

HDRI Lights

Fractal Dome Pack

The Fractal Dome Pack is a library with different 360 images of colorful fractal renders that was created to be used as dome illuminations inside 3D scenes.

HDRI Lights

King's Woods HDRI Pack

Collection of HDRI's, Woods, forest, sunny weather.

C4D Tools

Rock FM Pack

The Rock Formation Module was created to simplify the creation of natural hard looking surface of rock/stone/boulder, inside of Cinema4D.

C4D Tools

Hairy Balls Pack

Collection of hair presets for Cinema4D, made to give you another meaning to the casual usage of hairs.

C4D Tools

Physical Skies Pack

Collection of sky presets for Cinema4D, I'm sure it will make your life easier when searching for a nice skies.